Thursday, September 04, 2014

Today Can Suck It

Don't worry, my lovelies, I'm not hitting the bottle tonight. I'm too tired, and wine will just put me to sleep. But the sentiment of that meme is holding true for me today.

I wrote out paragraphs about the issues Brennan has been having in school. Not bullying issues, but Brennan issues. Running away, hiding, running around when he's asked to sit down. Generally being a snot. But they were long and boring, so I just condensed it.

I got my first call about it yesterday. Those calls are embarrassing.

I got another call yesterday, too, from the nurses office. He'd hidden in a corner he wasn't supposed to be in, and got stuck to a sticky mouse trap. Lovely. My boy's school career was off to one hell of a shite start.

Last night we had a long talk about how to behave. Brilliant mother that I am, I even had Quinn (6) talk to him, because he's pretty sure that Quinn is the smartest guy to ever finish Kindergarten.

I was sure today would be different. Nope.

I got a call from his teacher before noon. Still running, still hiding (now in a different place, though!) and still causing a lot of distraction for the rest of the class. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I went down to the school after lunch and pulled him out of computer lab to chat. Because I'm brilliant, remember?

I thought seeing that I would come down to the school for his behavior would make a difference. Nope.

Not twenty minutes after my visit, when asked to rejoin his class who were listening to a story in the media center, he ran down the hallway screaming at the top of his lungs.

What the hell? Is he testing to see if they will discipline him at school? They're trying not to for the first week because they want school to be fun. But they will.

So, in 3 days of school, I have sent multiple emails, and had multiple telephone calls, all for this child. Whom I adore, by the way, but am completely shocked by.

Then Bridget got stung by a wasp at recess.

And our printer broke. Reagan of course has a paper due tomorrow and I have to print something out for my job interview tomorrow.

And Ciaran is running around like a fiend because I'm exhausted and frazzled.

At least the dog hasn't been acting up too much today.

This week has been completely emotionally draining. We're really considering whether or not it is in Brennan's best interest to leave school and go to Kindergarten next year. Which is a hard choice to make and has no clear right answer.

I know it's the understatement of the year, but Motherhood is hard. I'd really like that glass of wine now.


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  1. My dear woman, I wish I lived closer to you. I would give you a hug and make you something yummy, and cold... it wouldn't even have to be alcoholic. What a freaking few days.

    I hope that interview goes great at least. And may the dog continue his good behavior streak.

    1. I wish you lived close too, Magaly. And I kicked that interviews ass. :)

  2. I'm so sorry you had such a crappy day, but I can definitely relate to so much of what you said! I had a TERRIBLE day today because of all the "mother" things I deal with. I love being a mother, but it is so FREAKING hard. Geesh. I just hope tomorrow will be a better day....for you too! ;-)

    1. Thank you, Melanie. Who knew the mom job would be so hard sometimes? Good thing they're adorable when they sleep, huh?


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