Thursday, October 23, 2014

Apologies and....Whatever

I'm sorry you guys.

I usually pull what I want to write about from my day.

And I do have a couple of ideas in my head. But I need a day or two to really work them out and write them well.

Because we all know what kind of crap I write when I think about it for five minutes and grab the nearest graphic I can find.

You know, like this.

Tonight I looked over my whole day and couldn't find anything that interesting that would make a whole post.

There was mom's night out, which was fun, but not much of a story.

Brennan did pet the dog, today, while telling her how black and beautiful she was. Technically true, but sounded so strange coming out of his mouth. Still, glad he got the memo about black being beautiful. Just like all the colors of the rainbow.

I was also thinking about people's opinions and how I'm so over needing them as a parent. But I feel like I've written ad nauseum about how parents judge one another, and I'm kind of at the point of just feeling a bit done.

At least for tonight, I'm really over caring if other people approve of my parenting choices or methods. My little bundles of sunshine are not perfect. But neither is their mother. And they're good people, willing to make mistakes right, which is all I could ask for anyway.

So, tomorrow there will be stories, and lessons learned from watching my children shoot spitballs at the bathroom ceiling. Oh yeah, that happened. Why? Who knows.

But today I'm just going to leave you with a picture of a cat, which reminds me of having kids anyway.

Then I think I'll go pee alone. Just because I can.

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