Saturday, October 11, 2014

Have Fun With It, For Your Sanity

Some days, my kids drive me nuts. Which, I know sounds like every other mom on the face of the planet, and probably every other mom since the dawn of time.

They fought each other today.

The argued over every, petty little thing.

Everything that I needed them to do, I had to ask 3 or more times.

Liam was particularly screamy today and required an excessive amount of book reading, tickling, and snuggling to be happy.

I tried to take a nap this afternoon, but never actually did. Because damned if they didn't keep trying to help. See that picture above? That's Ciaran, lending me a hand.

Turns out, at 37, I'm a freaking pro at napping. I can nap like a Boss. I don't need help.

But as annoyed as I was, I couldn't turn a single one of them away.

We snuggled, and played, and tickled, and made faces at each other.

I even took some pictures. And maybe, just maybe, that's the advantage I have over the moms of yesterday. When I'm super annoyed and frustrated and overwhelmed, I can take pictures of the cute, and see them right away. I can remember what I love about this Mom job, and let the cute win.

Take pictures, people. It's over too fast. Have fun with it. And sometimes, let all the annoyances go for a while. And then when you're done, and you no longer feel remotely like pulling all your hair out, then you can force them to set things right under threats of parental doom.

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