Saturday, October 04, 2014

It's Not The Dog

Having a puppy isn't always easy.

With every month she gets a little bigger, and while her level of enthusiasm hasn't changed much since she was tiny, her size has. So, she has small puppy excitement in a big dog body.

She can be exhausting, and I can't wait for doggy adulthood.

That said, she's ten months old now, and starting to calm down. Especially when supervised properly. She's a sweet girl, eager to please, and very loving.

But, oh precious children of mine, you can't let the dog wander about the house unsupervised, and then be mad at her when she chews up a pull-up. Especially when it should have been in the trash, but was somehow left on the floor.

And you can't pass off a messy room whose problem is clearly that the children who live in it, can't find the laundry shoot that is literally 10 feet or less from each of their bedroom doors.

You can't wave things that aren't her toys in front of her face and then be mad when she thinks they really are hers to chew on.

You can't mistreat a toy or object and then blame it on the dog for finally finishing it off.

It's Not The Dog.

Precious, wonderful, lovely, and adored children of mine, please know that I will not accept the dog as the scapegoat that will never learn how to say "It' wasn't me".

Turns out, I know each and every one of you and what you do and don't do.

I will never buy the idea that the dog is responsible for messes that are clearly yours.

And even when the dog does make a mess? Guess what? Still your fault. Because you were supposed to be watching her.

When I can't watch her, I kennel her. As should you.

I will never blame the dog for your irresponsibility.

So stop it.


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