Thursday, October 09, 2014

Liam Passes A Test! Sort Of.

Maybe I've mentioned that Liam head bangs.

Not like a rock star or anything. That would be fine.

No. Liam gets mad, frustrated, upset, annoyed, or, you know, finds a hangnail, and bangs his head with great force on whatever is close.

Whatever is close can vary. It could be anything. Like, the wall, a table, the floor, my face.

Oh yeah, I did say my face. Which really hurts, by the way. That child does not hold back.

So, I brought this up to his Pediatrician.

I mean, my kid has a permanent goose-egg on his forehead, and I'd like to know why he's doing this, and how to help him.

I'd also like people to not think I'm hitting him in the head with a hammer or something.

Anyhow, our Doc talked with the Neurosurgeon's Nurse Practitioner, and he ordered a CT and shunt series (which are basically x-rays that show where his shunt is and if everything is copacetic).

Ever dragged a toddler to a hospital from a nap?  If so, I"m really sorry.

The good news was that he'd slept a little, and was not a complete crab-fest.

The bad news was that he still hates CT machines, x-rays, and me for making him do it. And there was not enough sleep to make that okay. Not that there is enough. I'm not sure chloroform would make him comply with people making him lie down on a table to take pictures of his brain.

He's really stubborn like that.

The end result is that we don't know any more than we did before. His fluid levels haven't changed, even though they upped the flow of the shunt in February. INow they want to do a flow study to see if it's draining properly.

They've promised to sedate my toddler for that.

Doesn't that sound fun?

And of course I have mixed feelings. I'm glad there's nothing clearly wrong with the shunt that is causing my sweet boy pain, or anything. I'm also frustrated that it's not something simple that we could see and fix. Because my little Liam is still headbanging.

And still on my face.

On a cuter note, I think we read some of his favorite books 50 times each, and it turns out that he knows some new animals. Like elephant. He's really cute when he says elephant.

And being with his Mama can still make him calm down and be his sweet self again. Eventually. It's comforting to know I still have a little of the magic left.

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