Monday, October 06, 2014

Look Out, It's Funky Kong

I know what you're thinking, but your eyes do not deceive you. That is in fact, Funky Kong.

With just a simple shirt on his head, and a pair of sunglasses he stole from his dad, Ciaran has transformed himself from simple 8 year old boy, to giant gorilla, with, um,  rhythm?

As Funky Kong he can sing, he can dance, and most importantly, he can play video games while rocking from side to side. Are you jealous yet?

Now, I'll take a minute and be honest here, I'm not sure where Funky Kong came from or why.

I don't know what the point of Funky Kong is, or why Ciaran is fascinated by becoming him.

So, I guess I'll just let this one go, and hope that Funky Kong can teach Ciaran a few things. What, I'm not really sure. I mean it's clear the persona makes the kid happy. And a happy Ciaran is a happy everyone.

We never know what's next for Ciaran, and what can start as a harmless interest, can quickly spiral into an obnoxious obsession that drives us all to the brink of insanity, where it then leaves us dangling by our fingernails while Ciaran stands on the ledge above singing songs at us from South Park. And all I can think is, where did he see South Park?

But such is the life with the ever-fascinating Ciaran boy. Light of our lives, cream in our coffee, and the laces on our straight jackets, where would we be without him?

Enjoy tonight's picture of Funky Kong, everyone. He's our new favorite character. Well, after Ciaran, of course.

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