Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Motherhood: It's Not A Competition

Liam did a couple of really wonderful things today.

He told his daddy, "I lub you" clear as a bell. And later, when he wanted to try my glass of wine, he said "Uh wan sum". Liam learning 3 word sentences and using them appropriately is huge news for him, seriously.

That got me thinking about how raising a kid with special needs isn't like a movie where you build up to a climax and then everything works out. It's a series of successes and failures.

I had this whole blog post planned.... But then I went looking for an image for the post.

And I found the one above.

Moms, this is what is wrong with us.

Motherhood is not a damn competition.

There aren't points for natural birth (or birth at all). There aren't points for how many kids you have. There aren't points for crunchy living, or attachment parenting. And there sure as hell aren't points for having kids with special needs.

My kids are all special. Some of them are special for different reasons, but they're all special to me. And they make me better, sure, but not better than other moms. They make me a better me.

We all have a superhuman love for our kids. We all do more in a day that people realize. We all put aside our own wants and needs to meet the needs of our babies.

Our challenges may vary, but it's a damn hard job for everyone.

I can't stop people from making memes like that.

I can't stop people from treating both parenting choices and circumstances beyond their control, like levels in a game I never got the rules to.

But as for me? I'm going to try to encourage and support.

I'm going to recognize that I'm not better than anyone else.

And I'm going to keep treating this whole motherhood gig, like something we're all in, together.

If you love your kids and wake up trying to do the best for them every day, than you're a good parent.
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