Friday, October 03, 2014

My Sweet Loves

This morning I took my two littlest with me to run some errands.

We showed up too early to go to the T-Mobile store, so we went to Target first.

Brennan was wearing his older brothers shoes, since he couldn't find his own. They were like clown shoes on him, and he went tripping over his toes in them.

At Target we bought him some new shoes, so he wouldn't fall down anymore. Besides, buying new shoes is the magic that allows the old ones to be found.

Then we got a cup of coffee (or I did) while we waited for the T-Mobile store to open.

After T-Mobile we went to the Mall so I could get a new winter coat. It turns out that I no longer fit in my old ones. I'm too small. A terrible problem to have, I know. But they say this winter will be worse than the last. This is Minnesota. There's no playing with winter here.

Winter kicks your ass here.

Then there was lunch and naps, and of course, some stories to tell that simply aren't my stories to tell.

In a way it was a typically atypical day in the life of a mom. There were boo boos kissed. There was the pointing out that mommy is clearly a beautiful witch fairy to even have magical boo boo healing kisses, which is awesome.

There was even a dinner out to celebrate our anniversary, which isn't really until Sunday.

But at the end of the day, the simple is what I want to remember. I am home in my house full of sweet loves healthy and safe, and who are, for better or worse, are mine to love and care for. As I am theirs.

Hug your babies tonight, and be grateful for the simple. And if you like my blog, click the link below which registers a vote for me, would you? Thanks. You're the best!
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