Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sometimes You've Gotta Run

Getting ready to start
Sometimes you've gotta run.

You know, like if you're trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Or if someone has cake.

Weirdly, and to the surprise of any PhyEd teacher I ever had (seriously, like ever), I run now, because I want to. On purpose. And in public.

In fact, that's what I did today. I ran the Monster Dash 5k.

The running dialog in my head is strange when I run. It goes something like this.
This feels great....I could do this for miles...Oh, I love this song, this is the perfect song to run to...Okay, I felt great before, why does it feel like my lungs want to explode all of a sudden?...Maybe I should slow down....No, that little girl is going faster than me and my legs are totally longer than hers, I need to step it up....No, I don't need to step it up, I just need to keep breathing...I bet I could cut through over here and finish faster...No! You paid for this privilege, damn it, now run!...This feels great again...I love it when it's like this...No no no, that feeling should last longer than 15 seconds...Damned runners high is way too short...Do we have hot dog buns for dinner tonight?...
Seriously, when I run, it's just an endless back an forth in my mind between the part of me that wants to run, and the part of me that can't see any good reason for such an activity now that they've invented cars. And of course the mom part of me buts in from time to time with random thoughts about my day and things I need to be doing at home.

But I did run, today. Maybe not fast, and maybe not gracefully, but does that matter?

Sometimes, I've just gotta run.

My finishing medal
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