Sunday, October 05, 2014

Thirteen Years of Marriage...

Today is my wedding anniversary.

It's been thirteen years.

It was also thirteen years ago today that we discovered we were expecting Piper. What can I say? We were apparently in a hurry to do everything.

I had joked all through our engagement, "Well, we have the venue, invitations, dress, honeymoon, have to marry me now."

So the day of our wedding, I told him that I was pregnant, and that he definitely had to marry me now.

He just laughed and said he'd be there.

And he was.

Just like he's been there every day for the last thirteen years.

As my best friend, he's held my hand as each of our babies came into the world. He's sung them the Spanish birthday song...
Estas son las mañanitas,
que cantaba el Rey David,
Hoy por ser día de tu santo,
te las cantamos a ti,
Even the day that Sarah was born, he held her tiny body and lovingly sang her birthday song to her. These are the images I carry in my heart, that come to mind when I think of the life we've had together.

He has laughed with me, spoiled me, brought me breakfast in bed. He has held me when I've cried, cared for me when I've been sick, and added another set of hands when I've been overwhelmed.

Our life together hasn't always been easy. Sometimes it's been downright scary. But I've never had to do it alone, because he has always been with me.

I am grateful for every day of the last thirteen years. And I hope it's just the first thirteen of a hundred more together. Because I can't imagine it any other way.

It is an incredible gift to spend every day with your best friend. Even if sometimes he makes you crazy.

Happy Anniversary to the man who can make me smile, laugh, and want to throw things, all at the same time. I'm grateful beyond words for the life we've built, and the family we've made.

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