Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Shameless Plea

I have a whole lot of kiddos on my couch right now. They're watching How To Train Your Dragon. Next week, should we all make it to next week, we'll watch How To Train Your Dragon 2, Revenge of the Winged Puppy, or whatever it's called.

These are some of my favorite moments. When all of the kids are quiet and nice to each other, equally excited about something fun.

I'd sit with them, but sadly there's no room left for me. So I'm at the kitchen table, pondering my blog.

There is so much to write about. I just don't know what people will want to read. I try to write for myself, about things that interest me, or things my family is doing that I want to remember.

But I'll admit that I'm happy when people read it. 

And people get weirdly excited about posts I thought were no big deal, while seeming to skip over posts I though were really fun. I'm not sure I totally get that. 

There are other blogs out there. Some so much more well written than mine, some far less well written. Some with moms who are experts, which always surprises me when some of them seem to have been moms for all of about 12 minutes, but hey, maybe that was all they needed. Me, I'm still learning.

So, instead of telling you about my exceptionally boring day, which mostly involved me, data entry, and a close personal relationship with a box of kleenex, I will instead leave you with a shameless plea to click the banner below which casts a vote for my blog. I have fallen from number 13 and it's making me feel downright unloved. 

Also, if you've ever had a burning question about me or how I do things, feel free to ask. I'd love to have some posts I don't have to think so hard about.

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