Sunday, November 02, 2014

I Really Need A Wine Tap

In my parents house, things worked. If things didn't work, they called someone who came over and fixed it. Then everything worked again.

I never wondered how much these magical people who made things work, cost. I never saw my parents drive themselves crazy trying to fix complicated issues.

This impression on my part, was a lie of childhood. My dad once told me that there was always something going on that they had to deal with.

Being the adult is a totally different ballgame. What I lack in funds to hire professionals around my house, I make up for in an ability to YouTube answers. But nothing in my house is ever easy, it seems.

Toilets bolted strangely into wood panels. Pipes on sinks that are welded to one another, and have to be drilled apart. Today, even a simple bathroom drain clog, isn't simple.

I wonder if I could put the time I've spent plunging that sink, into My Fitness Pal and have it count as my workout today. I actually plunged long enough that I had some plastic piece that looked sort of like a whistle mouthpiece, come up out of the drain. And my fingers won't unbend.

I think I need bengay or something.

And of course, the water is still at a standstill.

If the water hasn't gone down by tomorrow morning, I'll call a plumber. And then I'll hope to God it's an easy fix, because I have no idea how we'll handle an expensive one.

Even our new internet provider hasn't been easy. It's taken me days to finally get a signal around the house that maintains a decent level of connectivity.

And I have fixed, adjusted, plunged, and researched all while mediating arguments, providing necessary hugs, kissing boo boos, and doing laundry. Among the thousand other things I do every day.

I think I need a vacation.

I've said before that when people find out I have seven children, I get one of several reactions. There's the "that's cool" reaction, the "that's really interesting" reaction, or the "Oh my God, why?" reaction which is usually accompanied by someone looking at me as if I have herpes on my face.

The most common question to follow that last reaction is, "Are you crazy?", and no, I'm not kidding, people ask me that outright.

My usual answer is, "Well, if I wasn't before, I am now". And today, this week, this is why. I feel like I'm in emergency mode and I can't get out of it.

I need a good night's sleep. And wine. Wine would be good.

Which reminds me, I had to tell my mother not to worry, that for as often as I mention wine, I get it less than 1 in 10 times. Mostly because, by the time my evening has calmed down enough for me to have some, I'm too damn tired and I go to sleep.

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