Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I Voted!

I know, Ryan Gosling, I know.

I won't tell you who I voted for, since I'm clearly a liberal wing-nut hippie.

Also you can probably guess.

And it's boring.

But I follow election coverage like other people follow football.

In other words, I'm slightly crazy about it.

I like to call it passion, and a strong sense of civic duty, but I know the truth. I mean seriously, I have crushes on newscasters like other people have crushes on actors.

Tonight's election coverage is a total nail-biter. There are races so close they just can't be called. And the stakes are high.

Will the President be blocked from achieving even more than he is now? Did Democrats throw away an advantage by not sticking by the POTUS?

I may not understand encroachment or what pass interference is (seriously, I just asked my husband for a couple of football rules since I don't know any of them), but I will watch the deconstruction of the midterm election for weeks. I will listen as they discuss voter registration laws and how they decrease voter turnout, campaign finance reform, and how our economics are affecting all areas of our society and the desire to vote at all.

I find that kind of thing bizarrely fascinating.

But really, I'm enthralled by the whole process. And I have this dream about what could happen if everyone exercised their right to vote. Big business has nothing on the democratic process when it's fully engaged.

I heard once, in a documentary, that in the United States, the people are afraid of their Government, but that in France the Government was afraid of the people. It's not because the people are carrying guns in France. It's because more than 70% of them turn up to vote. The French will pour out into the street in protest if they don't like what their government is doing. I wish we had that kind of power.

But we could. We could accomplish anything if we voted to make it happen.

So, whether you're a liberal wing-nut hippie like me, or a staunch conservative, I hope you voted today.

I truly believe it is our civic duty. If we do nothing else for our community, we should vote.

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