Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's Diggle, Apparently, And I'm A Terrible Mother

I'm still going to call him Giggles
I came home from book club tonight, to find my forever-geek family watching Arrow together.

I don't watch Arrow. I tried, really hard, but it lost me in the first season. That said, if they're all as good as what I was watching tonight, I might have to give it another go.

Anyhow, I misheard a name. It's Diggle, apparently, but I heard "Giggles" which I thought was a pretty hilarious name for such a serious comic-book show.

My loving family corrected me, but I found myself disappointed. I really liked the idea of calling someone Giggles.

"Reagan, can I call you Giggles?"

"Well, really mom, I don't giggle that often. I think the name would be better for Quinn or Brennan."

And of course he's right. But the funny thing is, as happy and sweet as my little Brennan can be, he's also incredibly stubborn, and can be super pouty when things aren't going his way. He's kind of notorious for his black moods, actually.

So, I said, "I will totally call Brennan 'Giggles'! But only when he's really unhappy. Like when he's sitting at the breakfast table, all scowly because I've given him a silver spoon instead of a pink one, but he's too grumpy to ask me. Oh yes, then I will definitely call him 'Giggles'. He will love that!"

Knowing Brennan like they do, my family found this idea hilarious.

But, despite the great fun that would be had by everyone (except Brennan), we all acknowledged that I'm a terrible mother for suggesting it. Because it would make Brennan something beyond angry, and when he gets like that, I find it irrationally funny. I've been known to have to leave the room because he's so mad and I think it's hilarious.

But you have to understand, you guys, one time he got so mad, he looked right at me and threatened to get naked. Oh yeah, that'd show me!

And I can't let him know it's funny, because it won't be when he's bigger. I have to take it seriously.

So yeah, I'm a terrible mother. You're not surprised, I hope.

And I'm still going to call him Giggles. Even if it's only when he can't hear.

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