Friday, November 28, 2014

Seriously,People, Why?

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It was Thanksgiving yesterday, and that was fun. I thought I might tell you about it.

But then, today is Quinn's 7th birthday (Happy Birthday, Kiddo!) and I can't believe the time has gone by so fast. I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that I was posting his birth story?

Now he's all big, and into all things Lego and Star Wars.

He's such a good boy.

So, I thought I might talk about that,

But no.

No, I saw something on Facebook and I can't stop thinking about it.

You guys, there were naked people getting married.

Hey, I get it. Wedding dresses are expensive. But you know, David's Bridal totally has a discount section. Some of those dresses are under $100. And I say, maybe let people eat spaghetti, and buy yourself a dress with the savings.

So, I went looking for a I could show you what I mean about the naked people getting married.

I assumed that there would be one such picture available. Because how often does this happen?

I was so very very wrong.

There are so many people getting married naked! Wha...why?

Look, I really try hard not to be too judgmental. I mean, to each his or her own. Especially when it doesn't affect me in the slightest. But wow.

I can never unsee what has been seen, people. And the picture of the wedding that initially led me down this rabbit hole? They're not even crazy Americans. No, British friends, this lovely couple is yours.

And I have to say, after reading the story, I'm more confused than ever. When they started the wedding, they had clothes. Perfectly good clothes, covering up all of their bits in front of their Mums and their Nanas.

But they took them off. On purpose.

Has it become unseasonably warm in Britain? It this what Global Warming means to future generations? Now everyone has to start getting naked at their weddings? Won't those be fun pictures for the mantle. Grandad will be thrilled to show of those pictures when he visits with friends.

Seriously, there aren't too many things I fear for my children. But now I have a new one to add to my short list.

Please, please don't let my children get married naked.

They can marry whomever they want. I don't care about the gender or skin color of their partner. I just want the person they marry to love them.

And now I want them to wear clothes.

I really don't think I'm asking too much.

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