Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Love The Holiday, But

First of all, I apologize for the blogging break. The sick has been unrelenting in my house, and combined with the holiday, has pretty much meant that by the time evening rolls around, I have no energy for anything.  So, bad blogger, I know.

But I promise to make up for it with a super exciting post. Or, you know, maybe just this one.

So, The Big Winter Holiday has always been my favorite. I want each one to be memorable for my family, where maybe they can't remember what gifts they got, but they'll remember being together and being happy.

This year, I did really well.  The kids were patient while we opened each gift, and they were incredibly grateful and happy. It was so nice.

And this year, there was no snow! For most Minnesotans, that's a drawback. But for this California girl, who misses a winter where there is rain instead of snow, it was perfect.

Still, like most things in our house, there had to be some things that went wrong.

For example, there's a stomach virus going through the house. Liam looked so excited, seeing all the presents under the tree! Then he threw up all over the floor. It's kind of an apt metaphor for a lot of things around here.

At least he only did that once.

I'd gone without stopping for two days, and was exhausted, so I ended up falling asleep after the morning present rush. I woke up still feeling pretty sick, to a phone call from work, asking me to contact a mom they'd seen in the clinic that morning. She was having supply issues. Of course I would call her.

So, then I worked for an hour or so. Which isn't ideal for a holiday. But worth it. I love my job.

Then again, back in the pro column of my holiday is that the husband got me a grind and brew coffee maker that makes me ridiculously happy. And we broke up  and ate the gingerbread house we'd made for Old Mother Winter, while the kids played so nicely together, pretty much all day. It was mostly kind of idyllic.

So, I'm still going to chalk this holiday up in the win column. Despite not being able to breathe. Despite the cough that has given me abs again (and sore ribs). Despite the kids being sick. Despite all of it, it was still pretty great. Especially since I got to be with them.

The Winter Solstice is a beautiful holiday. After the longest night, the sun rises, bringing with it, the hope of Spring. Through that longest night, we were warm in our home, surrounded by people who love us, and in the morning, we found many gifts and joy, together.

So, tonight I'm back, if not totally 100% yet, and I'm filled with all the feels from my favorite day of the year. So, as my parting gift, I will leave you with my favorite song for Yule:

Through a midwinter clearing
The forest greets a snowy evening
With wands of yew, the holly king
Passes the torch as it was intended

A winter's carol, first song of the robin
The sun is reborn from the starry heavens
A winter's carol echoes the sound of wonder

And I can hear it
Ringing out, ringing out from pine to oak
Bringing out with the December snow
Ringing out a gift of old
Wrapped in ribbons of gold for the whole world

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