Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meeting the Challenge

Some days are just so long, and so exhausting, the thought of sitting down and writing about it, is really too much.

I thought about skipping the blogging tonight. I mean, I've skipped a few nights already.

But maybe these are exactly the kinds of days I should share. The kind of day that is really just all about how I don't have it all together.

To start, I didn't wake up this morning. My 6 o'clock alarm went off, and I hoped to snuggle in my warm bed for a few minutes, but the doorbell rang. Who would ring my doorbell at 6 am?

No one.

It was 7:10, and my neighbor had shown up for his ride to school. With his mom, who'd brought Holiday Treats. Bless her. I had a mild heart attack. I had literally slept through two alarms that should have each gone off twice.

I ended up running around like a banshee for ten minutes in my pajamas trying to get everyone out the door.

The day continued in much that same fashion, with me getting ahead of things, only to fall behind.

On a totally unrelated note, some people came from the county today, to do some work on my house, through the Healthy Homes grant. Mold removal, new toilet, a few plumbing issues, a new storm door, fixing the rain gutters, and some new window panes.

It was very exciting. Especially the toilet. Seriously, we've had nothing but trouble with the one that was replaced. The plumber said it was the worst one on the market. The new one looks so shiny, and...new. It's totally weird, but I just want to stand in the bathroom and stare at it.

Trying to keep the kids happy while all the work was going on, and the pets too, was a challenge.

Just about everything today was a challenge.

Some days are just like that. And all you want to do at the end of it, is a big fat nothing.

But you keep going. Because that's the job. You get up early, you go to bed late, and you're busy pretty much all the time in between. And the little challenges that felt like too much, fall away as you get ready to do it again tomorrow.

And at the end of the day, there's wine. Wine tonight brought to me by my awesome neighbor. Seriously, I'm so grateful for my amazing neighbors and friends. I'd be lost without them.

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