Saturday, December 06, 2014

The Things Dogs Do

Yesterday I got a message from my neighbor. She'd left early and wouldn't be home for a while and was hoping I could let her dog out.

I adore her dog, and I'm just across the street. So, no problem.

River needed some outdoor time, so I took her over and let both dogs run around the backyard for a bit.

They were adorable. They'd run from one end of the yard to the other, scampering and kicking up snow.

Then they'd break for a little bit and just sit with each other, before one of them would get the idea that they needed to run around again.

So, it was all going beautifully, until River discovered one of G's toys. Suddenly they were fighting. Of course with two dogs that tend to get along very well it was really a lot of noise and no connection, but I broke it up immediately. I mean what the hell was the problem? It was nothing more than a


Whokay...after I'd let out all the shuddering after a shout of surprise, I got everyone back in the house.

Being freaked out, and a bad neighbor, I left the squirrel right where it was. Little paws all frozen and splayed, lying in the snow.

Go ahead, and shudder a little. I understand.

Turns out that's the second frozen squirrelcicle G has found in a couple of weeks. Shouldn't they be hibernating or something? Did the cold take them by surprise? And why do the dogs think they're a tasty treat?

These are the things I would have never thought about before becoming a dog owner. And my dog was so mad at me. There was a delicious dead frozen squirrel in the backyard. What was wrong with me that I wouldn't let her have it?

I'm a bad dog-mom. I can live with that.

Dogs eat super weird things. But I get to tell you all about it and share the nasty. So, thanks! And if you click the banner below to register a vote for my blog, I promise never to talk about dead frozen squirrels again.  Seriously.
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