Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Embrace Your Awesome

My newsfeed is full of stories about parenthood. It makes sense. I'm a "Mommy Blogger," (or I'm at least trying to be), a Peer Breastfeeding Counselor, and a mom with almost her own baseball team. It makes sense that parenting stories would show up.

But I've been noticing a lot of stories about remembering who you are. Apparently the act of pushing a human through your vagina, strips you of your identity. Who knew?

After you give birth, or bring home your bundle of infant/toddler/child (since childbirth is not the only road to parenthood) you become nothing more than an appendage, and a character in their story.

Which would be true, maybe, if they were the center of the universe. But they're not. No one is. This whole narrative is wrong.

I used to be a girl, that people noticed, for being just me. And I had a personality and interests, and talked about stuff besides boobs and babies, and slings, and the every day annoyances and joys of motherhood.

But I still am. It turns out that there was no drastic change in my DNA when I had kids. It's just my focus changed. But that's a phase of my life, not a fundamental change in basic personality.

I have certainly grown and learned along the way, but I'm every bit as much a person as I was when I had no kids. I'm doing different things, I no longer wonder who I'm going dancing with tonight. I mean, for me that question is answered. I have a standing date for dancing with some very short people around bedtime.

It's a different kind of party, but it's still a party.

I'm still a person. Just a person with less alone time who rarely pees alone.

I don't need to remember who I am apart from being a mom. I just have to embrace the fact that I'm who I am and I'm a mom.

Less "take time for yourself" posts please, and more "You rock, and you've always rocked and should embrace your awesome" posts, please, internet universe.

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