Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Blogging Thing

Thanks, Ryan Gosling.
I once heard someone ask how many blogs I had, anyway? And the truth is really, just a couple. I have this one. This one has just seemed like a few because I've changed the host a few times, and when it started it was called Our Homeschool, and clearly it's not anymore. But it's been the same blog, with the same posts.

Then I had a blog I wrote with some friends. It was dealing with religious issues. If you didn't know, I'm kind of obsessed with super fundie Christians. The crazy is a train wreck I can't look away from.

That blog was an answer to that movement. And after I'd been writing it for a while, I realized I was really done with the whole faith. After I left the church, it hardly seemed appropriate for me to continue to write there.

I have another blog on which I answer a woman in Florida, who writes a super crazy blog of her own. I forget that one for months and years at a time, only to rile her all up when I remember it and post something. She seriously hates me.

But this blog, this one is my baby. This is the one that has followed my family through all the ups and downs, births and losses. This is the one that I have poured my heart into. Sometimes with really encouraging results. Like, yay, people hear me and even share the same thoughts sometimes! And other times it's a bit discouraging. Like, hey, I really poured my heart out in that post, and all I hear are crickets. That kinda sucks. 

But this is the chronicle of the family I've made for myself, and the journey I've been on in the process. So, even when there are crickets, I'm going to keep writing.

So, my goal is to write every day. Even if it's just little. Even if no one reads it. This is my outlet. Clearly, though, it hasn't been happening this last month.

ThenI realized that I'd shifted my whole schedule. I'm working out more, and focusing on different things in the evening, and it just leaves no time for blogging, which I'd been doing at the end of the day.

So, I'm switching things up. It's now my goal to write in the morning or afternoon. You know, before anything really happens, so that my blog posts can be as boring as possible. But at least they'll be written and I'm thinking that's better than silence at this point.

To everyone still reading, thank you. And to my friends who've known me a very long time, but feel like they've come to know me better by reading here, thank you for telling me that. It's funny. You put these words out there, and you really can't tell where they go. Hearing from you that you like what I write, or like knowing me in the way you have from reading this, means so much to me.

And now I'm thinking I might have ten minutes to lie down before my kids come home with their after school insanity.

Maybe. I don't think the odds are good, but I'm still gonna try!

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