Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Another Morning

I woke up late this morning. Not, Oh-my-gosh-school-has-already-started! kind of late. But definitely the holy-crap-how-did-that-happen, kids-you-have-ten-minutes! kind of late.

I ran upstairs, got the kids up, and started the car. It's Minnesota, so it's ridiculously cold in the morning. We have to give the car time to warm up, lest we freeze in the 3 minutes it takes to drive to school.

I might be exaggerating a smidge. But I'm from California, so Minnesota seems unhumanly cold to me.

Quinn did fine. He got dressed quickly, and was ready to go.

Bridget, however, ended up looking through the clean clothes for pants, and then searching for some pants that her sister threw down the laundry chute last night (there was great disagreement on whether or not said pants were clean or dirty) and couldn't find them.

Bridget was so mad at her sister, blaming her for her morning clothing woes.

Drama ensued.

Karina, hearing the shouting, thought someone had been seriously injured. I found her, wild-eyed, recovering from jumping out of bed in shock and fear.

There was shouting, and blame. Tears and anger.

There was this much drama. Over a pair of pants.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of My Preteen Daughters. I use the word "my" only so that there is no confusion that this has to do with daughters in general, or only daughters. I'm sure preteen sons come with their own drama. I mean, Reagan didn't. But he didn't have a sibling so close in age. And all kids, regardless of gender, come with their own personalities.

This morning's episode involved a lot more emotionally than seems reasonable, and when it was over I realized it's probably really not over. Things will not be smoothed over between the girls until after school, when they can fight and cry over it some more.

Again, this is over a pair of pants. It's apparently Piper's fault that they were down the laundry chute and could not be located for wearing this morning.

Piper clearly should have realized that these pants were clean (despite being under the bed), and should have known that she would be running late this morning and only those pants could be worn.

This is all her fault.

As for me, Liam is getting fitted for orthotics, and I have an IEP meeting for Ciaran, plus errands that must be run, work that must be done, and all the other daily things.

I'd like my maid now, please. And maybe a nanny, too. But I'm not rich and famous today. Though I'd settle for rich...

I hope your morning has gone a bit smoother than mine!

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