Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sarcasm Is My Second Language

I always wanted my second language to be Spanish. I've worked really hard for the piss-poor command I've gained of the beautiful phrases.

But really, if I'm being honest, sarcasm is my second language.

Sarcasm is how I turn the nonsense of my everyday life, into something I can laugh at, and I don't think the value of that can be underestimated.

Granted, I had to learn that there are ways I can do it, and ways I can't. When my oldest was younger, he didn't appreciate sarcasm if he felt it was directed at him. It felt insulting even when it wasn't meant to be. I had to learn not to do it. And because I respect him, I learned.

But oh, a bit of well placed sarcasm can turn something otherwise obnoxious, into my own personal joke.

Of course, sarcasm isn't always needed. It's just that finding some way to laugh at things can make this whole parenting gig so much easier.

When the dog pees on someone's bed, and someone else throws up on the floor, and then someone else is running naked through the house (hopefully not through those substances, but probably through them), you have to find a way to laugh.

If I didn't, I might drink an awful lot more.

To be fair, all of these things don't often happen all at the same time. But I swear, sometimes, they do. Sometimes everything that can go wrong, does, and you have to laugh.

You have to laugh or you'll cry.

Maybe sarcasm doesn't have to be your second language. But I promise you, the sooner you start finding the humor in the things your kids do, the sooner motherhood will start to feel like a sit-com written just for you.

And that's pretty great, right?

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