Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Being A Grown-Up

Tonight's post is brought to you by Grifone wine from Trader Joe's. And if you drink wine, but haven't tried it, you really should. One of my favorite reds and only $3.99 a bottle.

But I couldn't decide, do I want wine? Or do I want tea?

So, despite the graphic, I decided not to decide. I have a nice glass of wine, and a cuppa tea with me.

Sometimes, life's too short to choose.

I read an article recently about why moms talk so much about drinking coffee and wine. And I could sit here and pretty much offer a lame ass ditto to all the points the author made. But I think I want to explain it from my perspective.

Beyond all of the reasons she mentioned in her piece, I like to have a glass of wine, or a cup of tea even, to feel like a grown up.

Maybe that's crazy.

The thing is, I became a grown-up and found out that everyone's parents were playing a massive game of Pretend. We were so lied to.

They were pretending to be adults. Pretending they knew what they were doing. Pretending that they had the answers.

And now it's my turn. I get to pretend that I'm a real-live grown-up. I'm even expected to do grown-up things, like pay bills, work, and parent.

It's not that I don't know anything. Experience is an amazing teacher, and I've had some of that. But I don't have all the answers I thought my parents did when I was a kid.

So, after a long day of pretending that I know what I'm doing, when I'm clearly just guessing. it's so nice to relax and have something that only a real adult can have.

I put it in a fancy glass, and listen to what my house sounds like without multiple small people, all talking at once.

If I have to pretend, at least I'm going to get something good out of it.

After all, tomorrow is another day, with so many more things to guess at, all while hoping I'm not irreparably damaging these people I love so much.

Here's to motherhood!

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