Friday, March 13, 2015

Do You Think My Head Will Actually Explode?

I'm somewhat immune to meltdowns.

After being Ciaran's mom for 9 years, with his Autism leading to puddle on the floor tantrums, and then Liam, with his neurological issues providing much of the same, I've learned to largely take a tantrum in stride.

It's not those crazy, fall-on-the-floor-and-freakout meltdowns that phase me anymore. I just stay calm and power through it.

No, what gets me is average kid illogic and over-reaction.

Take, for example, my sweet Brennan (5). He walked into my room freaking the fuck out this afternoon. I mean, screaming, tears running down his face, and inconsolable.

Clearly he'd been bitten by a rattlesnake, Or endured some other world-ending torture. So of course I let him calmly lay there scream-crying until he required enough breath that I could ask him which of these things had occurred.

So, what happened? "I pushed a button on the Nintendo Wii, and it didn't work!"

Um, seriously? This is what freaked you out so much? This is what led to you screaming on my bed for what felt like 2 weeks?

This is the kind of thing that might make my head explode.

Tonight he came to me super angry, because Quinn (7) told him that he was being rude.

I kind of wanted to give Quinn a medal. He said exactly what was wrong, without name-calling. I was so proud.

Brennan was less than thrilled with my advice. I told him to stop being rude.

No, it's not the big fits that will kill me. Those are my children who don't yet have the capability to cope, falling apart. They're having a hard time, and they need my calm love and support to get to the other side.

It will be my other kids and their completely over the top fits over little things. It will be the unwillingness to accept logical consequences for their actions. It will be the unwillingness to admit error. It will be their ability to forget that I know them deep into their souls, and can tell when they're full of crap.

It will be the everyday, average frustrations of parenting that ultimately drive me straight to crazy town.

The bonus is that, it's largely populated by other parents, and I hear there are amazing margaritas.

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