Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Have A Few Teeny Peeves...

I love blogs.

I love writing mine, and I love reading other people's.

Other people are fascinating. They live interesting lives in really cool places.

Some blogs make me feel like I'm hanging out at their kitchen tables, watching the drama of their lives unfold.

I kinda wanna ask them for some popcorn, because they are amazing, and I never want to leave.

But then, there are blogs that, no matter how interesting they might be, I can't read. I have discovered a few themes.

These, are my blogging pet peeves:

1) Music.

I don't care how amazing that song is, or how inspirational the blogger thinks it will be when I hear it. Nothing makes me shut down a blog faster than music.

See, I read blogs on the down low. When my kids are sleeping. When I'm trying to get them to do their homework. When my husband and kids are watching a little evening television. I don't want to hear their music.

It would make me so happy if people let their content speak, and shut their music up.

2) Denied access:

This one I get a lot from the Top Mommy Blogs. I'll go to check out a blog that is publicly listed in order to get traffic. And when I get there, the access is denied, and the blog is only open to invited readers.

Then why list the blog? Or if it's just recently gone private, how about the author unlist it. That is a waste of my precious time. Unlike all the other frivolous stuff I do on the internet.

3) Fonts

It sounds like a small thing, but it isn't. There are fonts (sans serif) that are easier to read on computer screens. People should really try to use those if possible. Seriously. It's so helpful. Especially for old people like me.

And, I know it's supposed to be cute to mix and match fonts, but if I'm trying to read what a blog is about, and there are no fewer than 7 different fonts used in the description alone, I not only don't want to read that blog anymore, I want to burn it with fire.

That's reasonable, I think.

4) No Paragraph Breaks

A wall of text serves no one. You lose your place when reading it. It's sort of like when someone starts talking and they never really take a breath.

Wall of text people actually make me a little sad. I just know that their story is going to be crazy and amazing, and I just will never be able to read it. Because it makes my eyes explode. Which I'm told is bad.

5) Too Much Information Blogs

Look, I like a good girlfriends blog. I love to feel like we just sat down and had a coffee or a glass of wine, and went over all the shit that's going down in our lives. I want to empathize, commiserate, and share.

That's a good time.

But if I feel like I just walked in to someones house, and have read all of their bills, looked through their trash, and found them doing naked yoga with all twelve of their cats watching....

Actually, no, that's a pretty good time, too. But I just can't join in for the naked yoga. My mom reads my blog. (Hi, Mom!) And she'd know.

So that's my list. Just a few teeny little peeves that drive me to distraction.

What do hate to see when you read blogs, or other things on the internet?

I hope my blog isn't currently peeving anyone off. If it is, however, feel free to drop me a line, and let me know what I'm doing wrong. If, however, you like it here (and I hope you do), please click the banner below to register a vote for me. You can do it once a day, and really, why wouldn't you? You're the best!

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  1. I want a good blog that captures my attention perhaps with a bit of snark for fun. I don't read them all that often except for when I get in that mood for someone else's life.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Lurker. Sometimes someone else's life is really nice.

  3. i'm not a big fan of the ads and the monetizing, and i know that makes me a jerk sort-of, but i also have the attention span of a gnat ( an advertiser's dream) and they really distract me from what i want to read. . . also, fancy hats, i hate a blog with a fancy hat. :

  4. Well, fancy hats are bullshit, you're right.

    I find some of the monetizing obnoxious. At the same time, if people can make something they love doing, like blogging, earn them a little money, I say that's awesome. Right now, my blog does not even support itself. But hey, maybe someday!

  5. There is a VERY popular blogger out there, and every time I visit her site, she has so many ads that it locks up my computer, and one window that pops open with an ad with SOUND, which is sure to make any person under the age of 16 run over to see what I'm watching. I'm sure her stuff is amazing, but I won't visit her blog anymore.

  6. I wouldn't either. I guess it's working for her, but it wouldn't be a blog I'd enjoy.


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