Monday, March 02, 2015

I'm Not Insane. Not, Really.

"Are you crazy?"

I wish I could tell you that only one person has ever asked that, when they heard that I have seven children. But that wouldn't be remotely true.

I do answer this question. And since I have a sense of humor about myself and our family, I usually say, "Well, if I wasn't before, I probably am by now!"

Because what else am I supposed to say, really? How does anyone answer a question like that?

But I'm not crazy. Not really.

Some days I'm tired. Touched out. Overwhelmed. Or even scared.

Some days I'm angry. Frustrated. And so busy I hardly have time to go to the bathroom all day (which, by the way, I wouldn't be allowed to do alone).

But guess what? Every mom feels that way, even mothers of only children.

It turns out kids are a lot of work. Who knew?

But I don't do this alone.

Tonight, my husband made dinner. He cleaned up the kitchen, too. Two kids cleaned up the playroom. Everyone worked together to get kids ready for bed. This is how we do things, as a team.

My normal may be a little more chaotic than other people's normal, sometimes. But it's not insane, really.

So, I'm not crazy. At least no more than any other mom.

And all of us need to cut ourselves some slack. Most of the moms I know, make themselves a little nuts, trying to be all things to their families that they love so much. I wish I could remind all of them not to forget to take care of themselves. They're definitely worth it.

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