Saturday, March 07, 2015

Money Makin' Mama

You may or may not know, but I started my own business as an Independent Scentsy Consultant. There's even a link in my sidebar if you'd like to place an order with me, and I'm not closing my launch party until tomorrow, so, you'd be more than welcome!

Anyhow, there is nothing like starting a business that requires the love of friends and family, to suddenly make you hope that you haven't totally alienated them all somehow. And I have to say, while Scentsy has incredible products that largely sell themselves, it was incredible seeing the support offered by those I care about as I got started. I might actually make some money! At least the starter kit has paid for itself!

But I had a long talk tonight, after my launch party had wound down, and most of the guests had gone home. It was one of those talks that makes you evaluate yourself and look at who you want to be.

I forget, sometimes, that adults can be as cliquey as children are. And I don't want to fall into that trap of who's cool and who's not. Wow, is it easy. So, how am I contributing to that? And how can I turn it around?

I really want to write about women, kindness, and some of the things I've read recently about how we take from each other. The thing is, there is love enough to go around. There are friends enough to go around. There is attention enough to go around. And we won't be less when we give other the benefit of the doubt, or kindness.

Clearly these thoughts have not gelled properly into exactly what I want to say. They're thoughts only half-formed and solidified. So, I will think some more and save it for another day.

ButI promise not to make this blog anything other than what it is. I'm not going to use this as a platform to shove products down your throat. After all, I don't want to advertise to you. I want to talk with you. But if you do love Scentsy (and who doesn't?) then, please keep in mind, I can totally be your girl for that.

It's way easier than cooking and cleaning.

But of course, I have more of that to do tomorrow, no matter how much wax I warm.

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