Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ruby The Rhino

I have mentioned before that Liam, my 3 year old, has a cartoon hate for sleep.

Sleep is the thing that robs him of valuable hours in which he could be learning new things, like how to reach the fan in the kitchen.

He loves watching that fan spin, and he's pretty sure if he could just figure out how to get high enough to reach it, he could make it spin forever.

I have tried all kinds of things to make him sleep. Later bedtime, no nap, Melatonin.

Ruby the Rhino is just the latest in a long line of things I've used to try to improve Liam's nights.

Ruby the Rhino is a Scentsy Buddy. She is ridiculously soft, ridiculously cute, and comes with a Scent Pak, which is basically a small bean bag type pack that contains scent and lasts several months.

For our Ruby, I chose a French Lavender Scent Pak. I've read research that shows that when people sleep with lavender, they sleep better and longer. Which aromatherapists have known for ages.

Since I didn't figure my sweet boy would sleep with a lavender bag, I never tried it. But once I started selling Scentsy, and realized I could slip it into an adorable stuffed animal that could sleep with him, I was so excited.

I came up for a little jingle for Ruby. When Liam goes to bed, she sings to him, "I'm Ruby the Rhino...and I love you."

He now sings it for her if I don't do it fast enough. And he loves her!

I won't say it's made him the best sleeper in the whole world. He's a three year old with a neurological condition. But I will say that we are not having so many nights where one of us is getting up to be with him, and that's so unbelievably nice.

So, while I don't want my blog to become a giant advertisement, I will occasionally let you guys know when there is something I think you should check out. Ruby the Rhino, in one of those things. You can find her here, or and of the other wonderful products Scentsy has to offer, here.

For March, I have a party open, and it's a Mystery Hostess. Everyone who places an order before April 1st, will be entered to win the hostess credit. So if you've been wanting to try some Scentsy products, now is a good time, and be sure to tell your friends!

As for Ruby, I kind of want another one, for me.

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