Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sleep Is A Thing We're Supposed To Have

I was listening to the radio the other day, to a nutrition and wellness show. They were saying that, for weight loss, you need 9 hours of sleep a night. I laughed out loud. Is that even possible for mothers?

It was a long day, today. Two parent teacher conferences, As a PTO representative, I set up a teacher luncheon at school (since they're there all day for conferences),  then there was a trip to the book fair, a staff meeting, and back to clean up at the school.

I've been moving, pretty much all day long.

All I want now, is to fall into a coma like sleep. But I can't. Because Liam won't sleep.

It's don't have the sleep deprivation of the new mother. But it's still pretty awful, and I'm not a fan.

Most nights, Liam lets us know that he's up by banging his head against the wall, and crying. But when I lay down with him, he mostly just wants to stick his finger up my nose.

Really kid? You need to stay awake for this?

Tonight we sang his goodnight song repeatedly, and he ran me through the tricks he's trained me to do. And at the end of it, my eyelids were drooping, and he was still awake and ready for more.

So now, I'm out here, typing up this blog post, though the screen is blurry through my tired eyes. And, of course, I can hear him again, banging again in his room, which requires my return.

Someday, when he's a teenager, I'm going to wake him repeatedly, all night long, stick my finger in his nose and make him sing songs to me.

He has it coming.

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