Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Best Things About Kids' Shows

Piper, 12, was in her school play tonight. It was the second night, and a free show for all who attended.

Broadway it was not. Adorable though? They had that going on.

The show was School House Rock, Live! and took us through a teacher's first day, with all the songs that helped her to teach her students.

As I sat there in the audience, surrounded by other parents, friends, and students, I started thinking of the things I enjoy about my kids shows.

1. Mistakes.
Kids don't have error free shows. Well, at least not normal kids in normal Middle School settings. There are errors, and watching them cover for those mistakes, is sometimes the most fun you have in the show. Tonight one little girl got up at the wrong time, for the wrong song. She looked at the main character, told her she looked good, and sat back down. If 20 other kids hadn't been loudly whispering to her that it was the "wrong song" it would have almost been a part of the show.

2. Smiling, or lack thereof
I think there's a rule that directors remind the kids about 1000 times in rehearsal to smile during the show. I find it hilarious to watch that reminder war inside of them with the desire to remember their lines, music, and choreography, and to deliver them correctly. So, they'll look deeply contemplative, singing their hearts out, then they'll smile at strange interludes. Because the director said to smile, and they just that moment remembered that they should.

3. Watching them not get sick
I'm sure someone somewhere actually does get sick. And for them, I have nothing but sympathy. Most kids I notice, however, never do. They just look like they're about to. Then they forget that they feel sick, and smile like the director told them to, then look sick again. I find it adorably endearing.

4. Pure joy
I love it when the kids get to a number that they truly enjoy. The smiling becomes more frequent, and they give it the gusto that is often distinctly lacking in other parts of the show. Their joy is contagious, and whatever number it is, immediately becomes my favorite. I love that they take joy in drama and music, which gave me such a sense of belonging as a kid.

It is fun for me, to see what experiences my children are drawn toward, and to support them as they explore them. And way to go Piper and all her classmates. Well done, guys!

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